Friday, July 16, 2010

If You Were Thinking of Building a Lawn Chair....

... because you wanted something different than the ergo-plastic Adirondack-wanna-be lawn chairs everyone else has from Lowes, and Walmart, and K-Mart, and Krogers, but that's the only outdoor furniture you can find already made that's half decent and anywhere near in your price range [pause for breath] What would you choose?

The literalist's Lawn Chair?

A tempting pun but I suspect it's higher maintenance than I'm looking for. Moss in a shady spot might be more along the right lines -- if I want a green chair.

Something elegant though, like this one from a Garden Design magazine. Of course that involves buying a chair and covering it with moss....

So maybe something more like this?

Okay, not seriously, because 10 or so years is a long time to wait for lawn chairs, even cool grow-it-yourself ones like these from Pooktre but it's so tempting. Check out their website.

What I'm really trying to decide between is this classic British seaside folding deck chair. Which I totally think I could make myself -- after all, I do have my own electric drill now -- with minimal effort.

Nobody this side of the Pond seems to have these, so short of importing and freighting them from Jolly Old England, I'd have to make it myself anyway if I want one. And I do love the look.

I'm also liking the very different look of these romanticized Adirondack style chairs
which I found at Victorian Trading Company. My reaction to the photo was "That would look great on my patio." My reaction to the (with shipping, over $800 each!) price tag was "HAH! Not for two bits of scroll on some one-bys! I could make six for that price."

So I'm not sure if I want to make these because I really would like them in my garden or just because I'm sure I could make them for so much less. You know, if you don't count the cost of the power saw -- I wanted one of those anyway.


Photos in this post are images from the internet I copied to my inspirations file. I am ashamed to say I have forgotten where I found most of them. If you recognize the photo please leave a comment I would love to acknowledge all my sources. Thank you.

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