Sunday, June 3, 2012

May: Illustrated and not so Abridged

Alum Seed Head
Showy Tickseed
American Scarlet Elder

Rain Drops

Casa Blanca Lily

The Back Yard

(and yes, those are little apples in the apple trees -- don't tell the groundhog)

April: Illustrated and Abridged

Happy First Birthday My Little Fashionista Friend
 Reversible Baby's Back-Wrap Sundress
 With Co-ordinating Puff Pants

Ummm.... They're called GROUNDhogs?
For reference, that's the top of a 6' fence in the background, and that is definitely Not a silkworm in my mulberry tree.


March: Illusustrated and Abridged

One woodpecker
 Two woodpeckers
 Three woodpeckers
 Apple Streussel Pie
 Apple Raspberry Crumb Pie
The End