Friday, September 19, 2008


Now that magnificent golden honesty spills
under and around the morning jewels and
late indian summer Impatiens capensis, Rudbeckia hirta,
Lobelia cardinalis
a flame of crimson or inspiration
offering the dew a place to cling to

make the filigrees of damp silver
etching which establishes the framework of the day.
The monochromatic wash of pale shimmer
rendering the morning grasses unfailingly uniform in
ornament and charm,

complements the nodding Coriopsis and Eupatoriums,
overhangs the elegance of unassuming gold.
Monardia media’s extravagant amethyst clusters and
prosaic stars of Aster white and purple gleam
obligingly arrogant among the oblivious
stately display of amarelo arch.
Itinerant bumblebees play host to Phoebis sennae the cloudless sulphur flutter which feeds
upon twining Ipomoea trumpets.
Morning glory is too small a measure to encompass,

enclose, enfold, the yellow secrets of leaves, the acid
sweet solace of late September,
the immoderate candor of goldenrod.

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