Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gathering Thoughts and Fabrics

From my box (er, boxes) of leftover fabrics I pulled out a collection of autumn colors. Quite a few of these pieces are the remains of fat quarters used in other projects; but I did mix in a couple half yard pieces that have been languishing in my stash (they had come home to use in other quilts and were rejected). The roll on the right side of the picture are bias strips -- I experimented with a bias-cut apron pattern, it didn't quite turn out right but the mistakes cut up into strips that will be perfect for binding.

How many leftovers do you have? Don't be afraid to combine leftovers from one project with leftovers from another. All these leftovers blend well together and will make a lovely scrappy quilt.

Since I promised several blocks measuring 9 inches (9.5" unfinished) let's make it a scrappy sampler quilt. A very Autumnal Scrappy Sampler Quilt. Leaves and trees? No, there's not really enough variety in the blocks. Birds perhaps? Hmmm... the geese flocking, the birds headed south, that's a very autumn thing. Plus, one of my scraps has feathers on it -- perfect.

Here are my sketches for the sampler (click on the photo to enlarge). According to my reference books, all of these blocks have names -- granted some are alternate names -- that relate to birds and flying.
Do you know which ones are which? See if you can match these block names to the block sketches. In random order they are:
Flying Bird
Wild Goose Chase
Crow's Foot
Geese in Flight
Ducks and Ducklings
Birds in the Air
Quail's Nest
Goose Tracks
Flying Crow
Winged Square

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  1. Okay, my home group leader is coming over Friday to teach me some basics about using my sewing machine. She's a quilter too, and the goal is to teach me how to quilt. I'll help her sew a quilt, and then I'll start my own. :) I don't even know where to begin!


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