Friday, September 5, 2008

Starter Quilt Simple Project: Step Four

Time to add the Border:
In step two we cut some pieces that we didn't use in step three; we'll use those now.

Put together four strips as follows:

a 15.5 inch (by3.5 inch) striped (fabric A) bar
then a 3.5 inch square of fabric E
a 3.5 inch square of fabric C
another 3.5" square of E
and second 15.5" x 3.5" bar of your stripe (A)

Two of those can be pinned and sewn onto the top now (remember to nestle your seams whenever possible and press accordingly). The other two will get a 3.5 inch square of fabric B sewn on each end.

And then they'll get sewn on.
And there's our 45 inch square baby quilt.

Remember that Michael Miller yellow stripe I used to demonstrate how to cut your stripes in step two? Well, I used it to make a very similar project. Same 3.5" squares, and width on our stripes, the finished top still measures 45"square and the layout is basically the same.

What changed? Our 9.5 inch blocks became "snowball" blocks, and instead of solid 3.5 inch squares in the border I opted for half square triangles. Oh, and in case you missed this, I didn't use the same fabric. ;-)

I'll demonstrate half square triangles in the next Building Blocks, and snowballs later. Then we'll take a look at battings (aka wadding) and super easy finishing techniques. For those of you interested in something a little more complicated I'm also planning some different 9.5 inch blocks that we can insert into this layout, and when we get to finishing that "sampler quilt" I'll be looking at hand quilting patterns and methods.

Sound's like we're going to be busy for quite a while.

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