Monday, April 13, 2009

Daffodils and Quilting

Marie Webster(1859-1956), a famous quilt designer and quilt historian, designed many beautiful quilts using flowers as her inspiration. I've obviously been enjoying all the daffodils springing up in the garden, so it's not surprising to learn that Marie used daffodils in her designs as well.

I don't typically link to eBay, but Marie Webster's beautiful daffodil and butterfly whole quilt design is excellently documented in the photos from this eBay seller and the quilter who made that quilt did some pretty fine work as well. You'll want to follow the link to check out the close up pics. It's a beautiful quilt.

Note: Another well known daffodil quilt design, the 1929 Mountain Mist pattern known as "Dancing Daffodils" found its genesis or inspiration in Marie Webster's block pattern "Windblown Tulips." The design/flower was altered and the pattern began to be published on the Mountain Mist batting wrappers in 1929.


  1. What lovely pictures and a beautiful quilt! And congratulations...the poem is lovely!


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