Monday, April 20, 2009

Bloom Sequence

Each day brings another flower opening, another tree blooming out in fuller blossoms. The early daffodils give way to the mid-season daffodils.

I may not have my bloom sequence planned so well for the summer months but in spring the continual bloom is well sequenced. Daffodil gives way to daffodil in a never ending parade of beauty providing the framework, the foundation, of the spring garden.

New trumpeting daffodils take the place of the tiny Minnows, Quail, and Tete-a-tete's. The Rip van Winkle daffodils which remind me so much of dandelions are fading away now also, but the blooms of the Chromacolor and Decoy (among many others) distract our attention from the loss of those early bloomers which we welcomed so eagerly just a few weeks ago as the first sure sign that spring was here to stay.

And already the Thalia daffodils (Orchid Narcissus) are beginning to bloom out. They will be quite a show by next weekend. Followed by the Poet Narcissus and the Winston Churchills. I love my daffodils.

It doesn't hurt either that all the care required with these deer-proof, low-maintenance bulbs is to stick them in the ground and watch them come up year after year with no care on my part, save to move them about as it suits me when the clumps grow large enough to divide.

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