Friday, April 24, 2009

Springtime Fruit Compote

Orchards everywhere begin to flaunt their blooms, promising fruit for the months to come. Let's make a Spring blossom inspired fruit salad.

Fruit Compote

Start with a dozen or so cherries (maraschino or dried), for the cherry blossoms blooming on my tree.
Add 1 diced or sliced pear because Leslie shared her pear blossoms.(link)

Slice in 1 Banana because, as you can see in this photo (taken a few years ago in May) in the banana house at Longwood Gardens, the bananas will be blooming now too.

That funny purple part is the flower I'm told. More curious that beautiful, but bananas make for a great fruit salad.

And just for fun, just because the grape hyacinth are also blooming, add a handful of white or red grapes to the mix as well.
Zest with lemon juice like spring sunshine (to keep it from browning) and serve.

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