Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As For Me and My House

In the Book of Joshua there is a well known passage (24:15) offering the Israelites -- and us-- the choice between serving false gods or serving the Lord God Jehovah.

Choose you this day, whom ye will serve...

The time to make a choice is now. The Israelites had seen plenty of miracles, they had more than enough proof at that point that God is real. What more proof did they need?
In our own lives we are often tempted to delay making a choice until we get more facts. We want God to come down and tell us face to face whether He exists or not.... and then we'll think about if we want to follow Him.

But while we wait who is it that we are serving?

If we choose not to serve God... well then we are not serving God; and not serving God means not following, not worshiping, not being saved by Christ. Which means the choice made was Against God.

And if that's the decision you come to, that's your choice. We are granted the freedom to choose. We are told to choose.

Choose you this day...

Today is the choice we make to serve God? Or not serve God?

Like the ancient writer I say, no matter what choice anyone else makes, ...as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

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