Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oddfellows Quilt

Three years waiting, and 72 hours on the frame -- and this quilt is finally finished.
This quilt block is known as the Oddfellows March, because evidently when they march, the Oddfellows do some sort of cross weaving pattern that if mapped out would evidently resemble the way the blocks align. One going one way and the next going another. (And yes, there really is such a group as the Oddfellows.)
And another name for it is Oddfellow's Star, because of the secondary pattern formed where the corners of the blocks come together.

Three borders (one of the leftover sawtooth triangles when I decided the quilt top had gotten big enough) finish the design and frame it.
I pieced the quilt in homespuns and random lights which gives, I think, a more scrappy feel. And I did not preshrink any of the fabric, but I did machine wash and dry the quilt then. Which is why you can see in these photos, that lovely -- comforty -- squnchiness.
Warm and snuggly.

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  1. I could nott refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!


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