Monday, March 2, 2009

Piece of Yarn: Alpaca Test Puppet

I'm knitting again and although I haven't got photos of that project yet (it's very much in the "what is that going to be?" stage still) I thought I'd show you something from the same yarn. This is my first time using alpaca yarn for a project and I must say I love knitting with this soft fiber. Before I started though, I wanted to see how this Alpaca fingerling I had from Frog Tree (type 2310, color#0012) would knit up on a 2.5 size needle. But doing another gauge test swatch? Ugg. Introducing my gauge swatch bunny finger puppet.
I cast on my set number of stitches, did a raised, purl on right side row (to mark for measuring gauge later), did stocking knit for my set number of rows, purled on the right side again (marking end of counted rows for easy measuring) and knit a bit more before splitting for the ears. I did a half row back and forth reducing, and when I got down to one stitch I crochet stitched down the inside of the ear back to the other half of the row and picked up the other ear. Then I added eyes and nose, stuffed his head with scraps of yarn, and seamed him shut up the back.
A little bit more white wool scrap, untwisted for whiskers and completely unspun to a bit of fluff for the tail and the rabbit was finished.
He's already been claimed, and taken away to play with another larger puppet who "needed a pet."

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