Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Now I'm Quoting Myself

Yesterday I found myself saying "If you get any group of women together you are bound to have differences, but I've found if we are all looking at God instead of looking at each other, those differences melt away." I've said something like it before. I'll probably say something like it again.
Because it's true, and not just for groups of women -- for any group.
Why is it true?
Possibly because our minds are so full of serving the Lord that we haven't enough time to spare for criticizing others.
Possibly because when we look at Christ, and try to be more in line with what He wants, we are less out of line with each other.
Possibly because when we look at what Jesus did for us on that Cross we realize if He can forgive us -- give His life to forgive our sins -- then we should be able to forgive someone else.
Possibly because that's just how God works.

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  1. That is so true. I don't like discord and I wish we all could get along and see each other as Chirst sees uu. I haven'ten been reading as I did, but glad today I checked this out.


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