Monday, July 30, 2012

Notes to Self

Working 60+ hours a week does not leave enough time to tend the gardens properly and even less time to blog about it.  Fix that.

Five tomato plants is not enough to keep you in tomatoes at the rate I use up tomatoes in season.  Plant more next year.  A lot more.  And more basil.

Heritage everbearing raspberries are the best things ever.  The birds think so too.

Asian tiger mosquitoes are evil evil insects.  They are out biting all DAY, but they seem to be less in the mornings.  They are worst before a storm but if you're willing to garden in a heavy downpour they don't get you. 

Rain water is good for your skin.  It is not quite so good for your wheelbarrow or your bbq grill.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Antique Apple Update

The adorable Yellow Transparent is a good fresh apple and nicely early but evidently not great keepers.  Just 2 weeks in the fridge turned them mealy.  As satisfying as it is to have fresh ripe apples in June I don't think my future orchard will need more than one Yellow Transparent.