Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nature Notes

The goldfinches are back. They flew from tree to bush in front of us as we walked this morning, filling the air with flashes of yellow and cheerful song. A nesting pair, well, a pair at least whom we hope will nest... Two golden crown kinglets also made an appearance eating the winter-wizened berries in the autumn olive bushes near the pine wood. And on the highest tip of a maple tree we saw a bluebird puffed and proud.

We also saw the great blue heron at the pond again a few days ago; stalking the spring peepers no doubt, although that chorus has not been noticeably dimmed by whatever thinning the heron has accomplished. They are as noisy and peeping as ever one could wish to find in a spring pond.

The robins and mockingbirds make their presences felt again as well, for although we had some stay all winter there are now so many that the lawn seems to undulate, not with growing grass but with the gleaming backs of feathered birds. Worms beware.

Thinking of worms, as an organic gardener I am happy to say I believe the worm population has boomed in the last few years. It used to be in turning the soil that six shovels of dirt would reveal one scrawny worm, but now, with all the composting and caring for the soil that we have done we are likely to find more than six worms in each shovel full. That's good for the garden soil and for the robins.

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