Monday, September 15, 2008

Winged Square Block

For our third block I chose Winged Square, which uses three fabrics a light, a dark, and an accent.
You will need to cut twelve 2.5 inch squares from the dark and from the light.
Also from the light you will need two 3.5 inch squares.
And another 3.5 inch square from the third (accent) fabric.

Because this block has so many half square triangles I'm going to show you how I chain-piece HSTs. Begin as usual, marking the diagonals on the back of one of the fabrics.
Layer your two squares right sides together and begin sewing down one side of the line (using your quarter inch foot to create the quarter inch seam allowance). Layer and sew down the one side of all your 2.5" squares.
Then turn the long chain around and sew down the other side of the pencil line.
Then you can cut down the pencil line to separate the two HSTs.
And as you cut apart the chain you can save a few seconds by trimming off the dog ears on the same cut.
Okay, we are pressing open and now have twenty four Half Square Triangles.
You can layout the block now:
Begin assembly by joining two HSTs into a unit.
Then those units can be joined together to make squares. Keep going back to your layout and you will be able to notice the "pieced nine patch" effect. It's:
4 HSTs, 4 HSTs, light
4 HSTs, accent, 4 HSTs
light, 4 HSTs, 4 HSTs

So make those three rows and then join the rows.
OOPS! Make sure you don't do this:
If you do, don't worry, that's what seam rippers are for.
There we go, that's better, still not perfect but "good enough for government work" as a friend of mine says.
And that's our Winged Square Block.

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  1. You made that look so easy. What a pretty block. I might give it a go some time. love your quilts.

    Have a good week.



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