Saturday, September 13, 2008

Quail's Nest Block

On page 89 of 849 Traditional Patchwork Patterns, A Pictorial Handbook by Susan Winter Mills this block is listed with eight different names -- and one of those eight names just happens to be "Quail's Nest." Which earns this easy block (formerly known to me only as "hole in the barn door") a spot in our bird-themed autumn scrappy sampler.

So to begin we need to cut our pieces:
  • two light and two dark 4 inch squares (which we will use to make half square triangles)
  • four light and four dark bars 3.5 inches by 2 inches
  • and one 3.5 inch square

    Mark, sew, trim, cut, and press to make four half square triangle units out of the 4 inch squares.

    Next we'll sew together those 3.5" x 2" bars. (I use chain piecing methods even on small bits of blocks like this.)
    Okay, now we have nine (pieced) squares measuring 3.5 inches. Lay them out in the pattern of the block like this:
    Sew together in rows. I'm going to show you the back so you can see my pressing directions. I've pressed the seams in opposite directions to make the seam allowances nestle in when I sew the rows together. This method, I find, makes for a crisper neater corner (and is easier to sew).
    Now, just nestle and pin those seams, then sew those rows together. Press open and there you have it -- your nine inch (9.5") Quail's Nest Block.
    That's our second block finished, we're moving right along. If I'm going too fast for you and you want me to slow down a bit, perhaps put in more photos and explanations, just leave a comment to let me know.

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