Monday, September 22, 2008

In Which I Take a Break from Quilting and Go to the Movies

I have been reading A Dress a Day off and on for a while now. Long enough to recognize the lines of a "Duro" aka one of the signature style dresses designed by Duro Olowu (picture of dress).

Additionally, the other evening we watched Music and Lyrics. My review of the movie is as follows:
loose morality (which really wasn't actually necessary to the plot IMO)
great wardrobe on Drew Barrymore
hysterical 1980's music video.

Why am I telling you all this?

In one of the scenes (where she first comes to water his plants) Drew's character wears an orange dress that I could swear was a Duro.

This prompted much discussion.

After the ensuing web search, pattern search, and raiding of the fabric stashes the result was Butterick 4849 in a slightly altered form. Okay, a radically altered form. I changed the neckline for modesty, deleted a couple seams for ease of construction, created a different back bodice to carry the neck band detail all the way around, added side panels for a design more like the one in the movie, and created on-seam pockets because who in their right mind never needs a pocket?

So, yeah, that took a while; but it's done now. I think it turned out pretty well; there are a few more changes I might make next time (construction shortcuts mostly) but overall I'm pleased with it and it's crazy comfortable to wear. I'll post a picture of it as soon as I can get one snapped and downloaded.

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