Monday, September 1, 2008


I was missing my sewing machine.

At any other time I might think of hundreds of non-machine-sewing things that are exciting and interesting, but I kept returning to the sore point. Without a machine my every thought kept returning to ideas that need to be quickly sewn straight seams for which I always use machine piecing (hand sewing is for set in seams and curves, occasionally hems).

I impatiently called the repair shop Friday morning, only to discover the reapirman had been on vactaion. I know, the horror of it.

How could he take a vacation when my sewing machine is broken? The absolute selfishness of him. Didn't he know that my mind is brimming with projects, my closet overflowing with fabrics, my favorite quilt shop having it's annual sale, my samples and demos for various submissions on hold, deadlines passing me by... what was he thinking?

Deep breath.

He was thinking, and rightly so, that the summer is winding down, that he works really hard, and that if he waited until there were no broken sewing machines in his shop he would never get a vacation. Poor man.

So what could I do with my head full of projects, knowing that my machine might be another week or so in the shop? I could wait. What else was there to do? I thought, perhaps I should declare a blog vacation until I have my machine back, because, I kid you not, only sewn-paper crafts were comming into my head for Pieces of Paper posts. (I was a woman obsessed.) Yes, that was what I would have to do -- take my own vacation. And perhaps those ideas fermenting in my brain would mellow and perfect themselves as they waited for fulfillment.

I had resigned myself to this idea, truely, and then late that evening I got a phone call...

Hooray! Full speed ahead. :-)

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