Friday, September 12, 2008

Crow's Foot Block

We will begin with this simple block -- Crow's Foot. Cut two light and two dark squares measuring five and a half (5.5) inches.

Draw a diagonal pencil line, stitch a quarter inch from both sides of the line. Trim the dog ears, cut on the line and press open. More detailed instructions for making half square triangles can be found here. Okay, you should have four half square triangle squares now.
Lay the blocks out as shown (I always do so I don't get confused about which way they go) and sew together in "rows."
Now, when you put the rows together you don't want to chop off your points. So here's the trick:
Run a pin through both points like this: Leave that pin just like that (I stuck the pin into the ironing board so it would remain standing) and pin beside it. Don't shift the points pin at all.
Once you have the block pinned you can remove the standing pin and go to the sewing machine, confident that your points are properly matched.
But you could still chop off your points. So mind your quarter inch seam allowance but be sure to sew through the intersection of your seams (where that standing pin was) and not through the tips of your points.
Finish pressing and there you have it -- your Crow's Foot block.

This block is sized to be 9 inches when finished (sewn into a quilt). Our measurements include quarter inch seam allowances which means our block as shown measures 9.5 inches.

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