Monday, October 18, 2010

Pecan Balls

Filed under "things that can be put on toothpicks" pecan balls are a vegetarian alternative to meatballs so good even dedicated meat eaters love them. They're also pretty easy to make.

Start with two cups ground pecans -- or, if you're like me and don't want to fuss with cleaning a food processor for a measly 2 cups of ground pecans (even if you did own one), just smash up the bag of pecans with a hammer and measure out two cups of the resulting smaller bits.

Add a cup of bread crumbs,
two cups of grated cheese (monty jack in today's batch, but I've used parm, motz, etc. before with good results too)
two tablespoons or so dry minced onion
and roughly a half teaspoon of oregano flakes.

Mix that all together, and then add two eggs and a quarter cup of milk, mixing to form a doughy texture.

On my original recipe card I have just the list of ingredients followed by only three words of instruction: "Mix, Ball, Fry." Mix we have already covered. Ball and fry come next.

Form the mixture into balls about an inch, or an inch and a half roughly in size. I use a small frying pan and a little safflower oil to pan-fry in batches, because I think that's a bit healthier than deep frying. (Though you'll get a more even color with a deep fry.) Get a nice crispy outside, the darker side of golden, then let them rest, draining over paper towels.

And they're ready to serve. Enjoy.

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