Tuesday, February 28, 2012



The dogs look good in black and white.  I didn't know that before. Then again, I didn't know my camera had a black and white setting before. 

I finally made time to play and figure out a lot of camera functions this week.  Time to push buttons and see what works and how it works, a little at least. 

When I got the new camera I was happy to have a functional camera again but the newness of it scared me a little.  I left it on the auto setting.  Sometimes that worked, sometimes -- not so much.  Sometimes I just left the camera at home rather than try to figure out how it worked and not get any pictures anyway and miss the scenery for looking at the camera.  But I think those days are over. 

Now if I leave the camera at behind it will be simply because I forgot to re-charge the batteries.  :)

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