Thursday, August 11, 2016

Where Have I Been?

Hi there,

It's me. Yes, I'm still here. I just haven't been posting to this blog. What have I been doing instead? Well! I'm glad you asked, 'cause I've been busy.

First there was all the extra inventory that needed to be dyed or spun for upcoming events: the Tomato Festival is next Saturday. We're doing a pop-up at New River Fiber Company the following weekend. And Wilderness Trail Festival the beginning of September. Lots of venues lots of yarns needing to be dyed and spun... and I wish I had time to find the batteries for the camera take some more pictures and get them uploaded so you can see all the new stuff!

Then, last weekend I was demonstrating spinning and carding at an 18th century encampment. So there was also much sewing of things to wear that would be period appropriate. Do you know none of my 18th century costumes still fit.... something to do with making them when I was still a teenager and having learned to cook and bake really yummy fattening foods since then. Oh well. Good thing I can still sew. Now, I also wish I had a photo of that to put in here -- but do you know? I forgot my camera. Still, I know at least 3 people took video of me spinning, and more than a dozen asked if they could take pictures ... maybe I'll run across a photo of myself somewhere online someday.

And then (I said I've been busy) we've been working on the website. It's not done yet. But I'm pleased to announce that Best Friend Fibers is officially online at So exciting!

Later this month I will be looking into getting myself cloned so that the housework doesn't get as neglected as this blog.

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