Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Bamboo Scarf

My current knitting project is this "17 foot long" lace-striped scarf. Okay, maybe not 17 feet long -- I have about 5 feet knit so far. The stripes are meant to look like joints in a (floppy) stem of bamboo. So, since it uses bamboo thread, it is a bamboo scarf in two ways. Which is rather fun and the reason I decided to do this project.

Plus the instructions are easy to follow. It goes like this: Using size 2 needles and size 10 BAMBOO crochet thread sit in front of the TV and do stocking knit for an hour. When the credits start to roll, do one of the yarn-over lace rows. [Then there are several yarn-over lace rows which can be done in order or randomly as the knitter chooses.] When you are finished, stop. You know how long you need a scarf to be.

I haven't stopped yet. :D

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