Thursday, June 11, 2009

What-in-the-Box Dilemma

On the Island of Misfit Toys there lived a Ralph-in-a-Box, or maybe it was a Peter-in-a-Box... I can't quite recall, but I know it wasn't a Jack-in-a-Box. I am reminded of that classic Rudolf film today as I think about what belongs in boxes.

Halfway between knowing where we are moving and actually moving there is the stage we find ourselves in now. Can we put this in a box already or do we need it still unpacked? Will this or that item ever be put in a box or is it something that must eventually be left behind on the island of misfit furnishings? How can we pack what we really need to move with us when we still really need to have it available to use up until the last minute?

Pack some things away and they pop out again, just like a Jack-in-a-Box.

Eventually the boxes will all get packed, and moved, and even unpacked again. But until then there is
this transition period,
this what-in-the-box time
that feels unwanted
like a misfit toy looking for a home.

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  1. Oh,my, moving! Never easy but I enjoyed your look at it!


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