Saturday, April 10, 2010

What Makes Success?

Success, defined by the world it means money and some degree of fame.

Defined by me it means that on average more people like you than hate you even if most people have no clue who you are. There's a solid roof overhead, and a garden in your yard. You have a moral character, and use your brain for something more than filling your head. And whatever happens here on Earth, you know you're saved and won't be separated from God in the next life.

That's success.

On that level I'm successful. Notice how I have carefully constructed a definition of success that conforms to my situation so that I can claim to have achieved 100% success? Still, I think it's a valid definition.

Several other definitions exist by which I could not be viewed as successful, for example I am completely lacking in the fame and fortune departments. But I think everyone succeeds differently. Would I be happy living up to someone else's definition of success?

Isn't being content with your life actually one of the signs of success? I think it is. I think we get hung up on making other people believe we are successful ... but when we get in a quiet corner and let God show us our hearts are we happy with who we are? With what we have achieved in our lives?

When we feel we have failed... Is it because we have failed to meet someone's definition of success or because we have failed to meet our own definition?

What makes success?


  1. With all the above philosophy re success, let me congratulate on your Honorable Mention in the utmost Christian writer's poetry contest. I have just read through all the winning poems. Look forward to reading more of your work.

  2. Thank you darlenemb. Several other of my poems have been published online... there are links in my sidebar.


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