Saturday, May 15, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Silver bells and cockle shells I must leave to the contrary Mistress Mary. However, my garden is growing along quite nicely (marauding groundhogs aside).

Today being eighty-something degrees and our last frost date (zone 5/6) I decided to plant out some of my indoor starts. They've been hardening off for the last couple weeks and I'm getting tired of hauling so many trays of plants in and out.

Here's what went in today:
All of raised bed #1:

Back in March I started more than I needed, mostly extra tomatoes and basil -- because you can never have too many tomatoes or too much basil. Unless you have a small garden, but back-up plants are a good precaution with as many hail storms as we seem to get here, and once I am sure the plants are surviving I'll give my extras to family and friends with larger gardens.

I'll also have extra celery -- maybe. No one in the family has ever had much luck with celery, I'm surprised to have gotten mine past the seemingly inevitable damp-off. The celery and onions went into raised bed #3:

I re-planted some sugar pumpkin seeds as well, those had not come up yet but the Butternut Squash (planted May 5th) are already up and growing. The beans went in April 14th and are managing to survive.

Some veggies can be planted out quite early, they actually like the colder weather. Like the peas, carrots, and lettuces which I direct sowed into raised bed #2 March 28th. The cukes want a slightly warmer soil so they went in April 14th while I was planting the beans and the dill.

The only thing left to plant will be the Ronde De Nice squash. But I can't remember if they might cross-pollinate with the pumpkins, so just in case I'll be waiting another couple weeks to try to offset bloom time. The Ronde De Nice are a heirloom variety and I was going to try to save seeds... maybe... we'll see.

Also exciting to note in the gardening department, I think I might get apples this year. Of the six dwarf apples I planted last fall FOUR of them seem to be setting apples (the Yellow Transparent, the Pound, the Washington Strawberry, and the Cox Orange Pippin).
Yay little happy trees !

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