Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trails, Tracks, and Travertine

Falls Ridge is an 80 foot waterfall over what the Nature Conservancy claims is the largest known exposed deposits of travertine. Very cool rocks.
Very cool. The trail looping round the falls is less than a mile, and though steep in places is really an easy hike. A second trail offers an additional 2.3 mile (4 round trip) which is well worth doing.
Only the wildlife had bothered with this second snow covered trail and we saw evidence of deer, rabbit, raccoon, and turkeys.
Lots of turkeys.
We hiked along a ridge and admired the view on both sides...

... and then my camera died.

Which is a shame, because the witch hazel trees were in bloom, the lowering sun through the trees was making really neat shadows, and there was an awesome cave that we saw (went into) on the way back to the car.


Falls Ridge Falls Video

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