Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Proper Tea Party

Some of you may recall that I, my nieces, and nephew have been quilting our way through American History. They've been learning a little about sewing and a lot about our country's past by making quilt blocks with their aunt.

Friday when they arrived little Emma (she's 3) wanted to have a tea party. We often have tea parties when I babysit, they help me make chocolate chip scones and then gather round the coffee table for peppermint tea and scones. However, there wasn't time for quilting and a tea party... but there was a compromise: She could make a quilt block about the Boston Tea Party. She was delighted.

In American history the colonists in Boston threw a shipment of tea from England into the Boston harbor in protest over the high taxes they were being forced to pay the crown. In fabric crayon terms that means a whole lot of blue scribbling to represent the water to start with.

Next an orange crayon was selected. "I think this is the colour the tea cups were" she said.

Well obviously, for it to be a tea party you'd need tea cups. That just makes sense.

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