Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Photos

Have you ever noticed how sometimes photos accumulate? Like leaves caught in the eddy of a stream they swirl and gather, remaining stationary, not flowing on, unclassified, passed by. They're just waiting for a rush of water to carry them forward, down stream, out into the world. Planters I once liked the look of, long since sold out, but I like the look of the photo so much still it sits in my digital files waiting to be inspiration for something someday.
Magnolia blossoms from last spring, still in my cell phone images, wait to be joined by this year's saucer blooms.

And a butterfly from last summer when the Phlox was in bloom attracting every nectar loving insect and bird in the neighborhood.

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  1. yeah, it happens, I also have so many pics stored , the idea you once had when you took the pic... sometimes the way you used to look at them, sometimes change... :) nice pics


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