Monday, November 9, 2015

Other Wooly Things

Handspun Alpaca Two Ply Yarn
The first skein is off the wheel and it's lovely. I think I actually got my twist right this time!

New Challenges: Teaching myself Fair Isle
This may or may not be the right size to be a hat for Simon.

And Mittens. Believe it or not I've never knit a mitten before.
Turns out thumbs are really not that hard.

Adding Fair Isle (three strand) sheep to a mitten on the other hand... not that easy.
I'm telling myself it's because I was using leftover sock yarn. Nothing to do with miscounting the pattern or snarling the strands. I just need thicker yarn, and that will solve everything, right? 
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  1. Hi. Just finish reading The Postmaster's Tale. A It is great! And not dumbed down. Fantastic. I'll be getting another ad a gift for a good friend who is a huge Jane Austin fan. She will love this!


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