Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Friends

Today I am in rebellion.
Today I began hitting "hide" "ignore" and "remove from feed" on my facebook page.

It began this morning when I thought "Hmmm... I haven't heard from X in a while I wonder what she's up to."
I went to this real-life friend's facebook "wall" and discovered that last month she suffered a great loss. While her facebook status updates urgently requested prayers I would have loved to pray for her I was busy slogging through a trillion notices of how much someone I don't really know likes the post of someone else, or friended someone I've never heard of, or became a fan of something I don't care for...

I missed it. I missed being there for her when she needed support from her friends. I was distracted by the hyper-busyness that is social networking.

I joined facebook originally to stay connected with friends -- meaning people I have actually met face-to-real-face -- not my friend's friend's brother-in-law's cousin's friends. I'm sure they are great people but there are not enough hours in the day to care about what each of these people are cooking or not cooking for dinner, the latest sagas about their pets, and their digital versions of endless vacation photo slideshows.

I just can't handle it. I just can't care that much about that many people. I don't know how God does it -- loving each of us enough to have (to maintain) a personal relationship with all of us. Yet He does. More proof of how Big and Wonderful and Infinite God is... that He can love each and every of us so deeply and so personally and so consistently.

I find 100 extra facebook friends overwhelming.

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