Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Garden Chores

Hi there, Miss me?
Time that used to be spent online has become time spent in the garden.
Spring is starting to get ahead of me.

There's still half that pile of compost I had delivered waiting to be spread... the rock walk in the tea garden needs to be finished now that I've gotten more flat (paver) stones...the strawberry plants arrived this week and need to go in the ground... along with the three Bird's Nest Spruce and that flat of orange pansies (they smell so good!) which I couldn't resist buying at the nursery -- like I had any business being at a nursery when I've got a folding table full of seeds starting in my living room already...

I have built and filled the raised beds, removed the ugly cactus (bye-bye Spike!), pruned the roses and removed the old stems from perennials, spread the Sluggo, put out the Milky Spore on the lawn, raked away most of the winter debris and dead leaves (pine needles mostly), built the new compost bin..... but I haven't sorted out the overwintered plants in pots, or mulched the front bed, or planted the peas.... hmmm, one wonders why I'm sitting here still.

If you want me just look in the garden. :D
I'll be back when I've finished my chores.

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