Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Trails to You

This blurry photo is just one of several groundhogs that have been ravishing my garden.

This one had the good fortune to be caught by me (instead of shot by a neighbor with a cap gun). He (or she) has now been transported to an undisclosed location in an underpopulated semi-wild area. This one was calm and seemed to like the havahart trap, it didn't want to be released.

The second one, a few days later, similarly calm and relaxed.

The third one (later that same afternoon) was terrified and bolted from the cage to cower in the nearest cover it could find.

The forth one looked like it had been attacked by a cat or something. It had a large scab on it's nose and a defensive attitude. It clicked it's teeth at me the whole way. Let me tell you 15 miles of teeth alternatively gnawing the cage and threatening me in groundhogese -- not a comfortable car ride for me either. But I learned something from this groundhog. Groundhogs can run like the wind. That forth groundhog took off running as soon as I opened the cage hatch. ZOOM. Ten seconds later he was out of sight round a curve way down the road.

I have set the trap again. I still have yet to catch the Momma groundhog, as also evidenced by my garden which continues to be demolished. Who knew that groundhogs are excessively fond of dill? If I had any left I'd be chopping it down myself to bait the trap with.

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