Saturday, June 5, 2010

VBS Puppets

The children's church puppets, packed away in a suitcase for nearly a decade, aren't so bad really. Handmade in, I'm guessing, the 1980s. They all boasted "stylish" sweatshirts over the formless turtlenecks they called bodies and (I kid you not) socks for faces. At some point someone had taken it upon themselves to brush the hair -- that curly nylon fluff "angel hair" stuff -- which did not turn out well. But they have "good bones."

The cast of six puppets went home with me to see what I could salvage for the upcoming western themed Vacation Bible School. Once the sweatshirts are removed, the arms properly sewn shut, and a few holes mended, it's all about the hair. Well, okay hair and bodies. They are all getting foam bodies inserted into their shapeless turtlenecks. But the hair is what you notice.

Esther, now sporting a removable orange bandanna, decided to remain a blond. So with a little of that crazy "fur" yarn her wig was knitted, fringed on one edge for bangs, and hot glued down. Two pigtails were tucked under the edges and hot glued in place as well. As you can see, Esther is thrilled with the new look.

Next up was a square jawed brunette....

Red is happy with his makeover too. He never felt right as a brunette and has always wanted to grow a beard, says it makes him feel more Biblical.

I told him it also made him more gold-miner-howdy-there-pardner-yippie-i-yi-o-ol'timer. Very versatile and very fun. Naturally, Red claimed the red bandanna for the upcoming event.

Two puppets down four more to go.

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  1. What about the others? I wish you had done some before and after pictures. I love the red hair....super fun!



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