Thursday, October 8, 2015

Simon Says: Varpapuu

It's not put together yet, Simon says, and you don't have all the pieces.

But it's a loom, I say. I have always wanted a loom. Perhaps I would not have chosen a Varpapuu Finlandia 4-shaft countermarche loom with missing bits and rusted reeds needing to be restored... But it was free.

Simon agrees. A free loom does make a good argument in favor of learning (re-learning) how to weave. The plan is we will get it put together and then I will warp and he will woof. 

Update: We cleaned and refinished the loom, and then gave it back to the lady who had given it to us. Turns out she really did want to learn to weave, but was just daunted by the work involved in getting the loom into shape. She would have let us keep it, but that didn't feel right. I can honestly say that, while I would still love to have my own loom, I felt so very happy when we took it back to her that I am not even tempted to second guess that decision. 

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