Sunday, January 3, 2016

First Foots, Family, and Friends

Happy New Year All!

The Wise Woman was my "first foot" this year.  I think that bodes well.

For those of you who don't know the custom, Scottish families believe that the first foot across your threshold in the new year sets the tone for the whole of the coming year. It can be family or friends, but that person must not have been in your house as of the stroke of midnight December 31st.

Tradition has it that the best first foot is tall, dark and handsome, and he should be carrying gifts.

I notice Scottish traditions often tend to set the bar high like that. One day it might even happen.


  1. I love your new top banner. It really looks like January!
    I have really enjoyed reading your latest book The Postman's Tale. Finally a book with good morals, and a vocabulary that is more extensive. This should be on the High School/ College reading lists across the country!

  2. I did not know that and I even have a wee bit of Scottish blood. Very wee, most of it's English. Interesting custom, though.


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