Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Fleece to Yarn

350 yards of my hand-spun two-ply yarn makes a skein about the same size as Simon.
But it does not weigh as much. Simon is now 7 pounds and I have yet to spin the whole pound of Jacob Top Roving that I have.

I'm trying some of the "Rare Breed" Fleeces on the wheel this winter to see how I like them. After the Jacob, I plan to try Shetland, Icelandic, and Wensleydale (which is also the name of Wallace and Gromit's favorite cheese -- how could I not try the Wensleydale?). 

After that I've got plans to try spinning with a superwash fleece. I've loved knitting with superwash, and it's supposed to be just lovely with absorbing dyes, so we'll see how that goes. Dying more of my own yarn is high on my list for the coming year, especially after how well the broken black and broken brown turned out.

Sadly, many of these new year's goals are already hampered by the fact that my shoulder is acting up again and the doctor has suggested... okay, strongly advised... fine, ordered me not to spin or draft or even knit for the next month.  The knitting might be allowed, in small doses, next week If I promise not to overdo it. Thankfully, I did not ask about quilting so I have not been told I can't do that. I hope the doctor doesn't read my blog!

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