Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree

This year I made a felted sheep ornament for the tree.

Or, more accurately, I made five of these wee ewes for my tree. They were fun to make and I love the way the natural wool color looks exactly right with everything else. 

This year's tree is
all blue lights 
(it took three strands to do this lovely fluffy fat tree, and blue is the only color lights I have three strands of.) 

and strung popcorn garlands made while watching Christmas movies 
(eat half the bowl string the uneaten bits -- either I watched a lot of movies or I was stringing a lot more than I ate.)

and unpainted salt dough ornaments
(there were to have been painted but I never did, and I'm glad for they're the perfect color as is.)

and wooly sheepies
(assorted sized balls of felted wool strung together with brown beads for eyes.)

with a pompom-headed "urban primitive" angel
(made from a yarn cone, fisherman's wool, and brown paper.)

in a big old brown and white crock 
(marked with a blue 3 to mean three gallons and match the blue lights perfectly.
I love when things just match up like that. It's like magic.)

... like magic ...

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  1. I like the last picture best with Simon looking out the window in the background :-)


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