Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Knitting Pictures

I couldn't share peaks of what I was knitting for Christmas presents before Christmas.
The pictures would have given it away way too easily.
BUT Now that we're past Christmas I can share with no worries.
I knit all sorts of Mittens for the Nephews.
In mix-and-match Fair Isle(ish) patterns.
Sets of three, with a "Universal thumb" that means the mitten can be worn on either hand. 
And the third mitten means there's a spare if they lose one.
Which little ones will do.
I did a pair for their Dad too -- but he only gets two.
I think he's less likely to lose one. (Watch him be the first!)
And a Hat for my Sister.
This is the Baa-ble hat pattern from Shetland Week, but done in Lion Brand Wool-Ease.
I'm calling it "Wash-a-baa-ble" :)
Of course, then there had to be sheepie mittens too.
Like the sheepies on mommy's hat.
Or not, maybe just sheep. Crazy-Googley-Eyed Sheep Mittens.*
(Which are probably being played with like hand puppets right now.)
*Let me know if anyone is interested in a pattern/tutorial for these Sheep Mittens. I took notes while I was making them, so I could create a pattern from that for you if anyone wants to copy them.



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