Tuesday, December 29, 2015

With Special Thanks to the Repairman

Hooray! The internet is working.

I had a great repairman today fixing the service, and I am really tickled to find that there are people who are still trying to do their jobs well. Some repairmen just do what they have to to solve the problem fast and move on -- which explains why "our engineers said you shouldn't even be on that line" and he needed to move me back to the line I was supposed to be on. The last guy that came out must not have wanted to deal with the issues on the line I was supposed to be on and just moved me to another one so my service would come back on and he could go. Now, though, I am on the line I'm supposed to be on again, which should also help the speed be faster for everyone.

Which line should I be on? That would be NOT the one that goes through the box "the squirrels are in and we can't keep them out of it. They've stripped the wires and it's sparking..." so he had to fix that as well. But rather, my line is the one that "had so much moisture in that one it was all dry rotted. Fell apart in my hands..." and he had to splice in a new cable all the way from the box on  back pole that "had bees all in there..." on both sides. Thank goodness it's gotten cold again he was able to knock them all to the ground without getting stung!

Engineers, squirrels, bees, moisture, and dry rot. That's got to be one crazy service report! But no wonder my internet was going out so often!

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