Saturday, April 9, 2016

Simon Says: Snow Day

Actually, right now Simon is saying nothing; he is too busy curling himself into comfortable positions on the blanket near the fire. He has positioned himself so that when the sun shines in the window it shines on him, and when the clouds blow over, while still nice and cozy, he can watch snow falling down on some of the other neighborhood dogs.

Simon does not particularly like the other neighborhood dogs, but on cold days he feels quite sorry for them being left outside. I have to admit there is occasionally a certain indolent smugness about him as he watches them through the window. He goes outside too, of course, but he gets to come back in. They have to stay outside.

Did I mention? It is snowing today! We woke on this April morning in the "sunny south" to a dusting of snow. The daffodils are blooming and nodding at the snow flurries as they fall, the veggies look a bit nipped around the edges after their cold night, and the cherry, plum, and apple blossoms threaten not to become fruit if it is going to be this cold.

Meanwhile, snug inside with Simon, I have finally downloaded pictures from the camera (as you can see) and am updating this blog, so you are looking at icy snowy pictures from February. Not really representative of today's light dusting and wind swept flurries, but that's okay, right?

Simon has moved to the couch beside me, curling up on a different blanket, still with a view of the window but with less of a draft. He knows I'm blogging about him. Stay warm out there, he says.

Love that the camera caught Simon mid-leap, as he was springing off the wall.


  1. Wow, what amazing icicles! It must get very cold with you. Simon is very very cute. My Bene is presently, lying upside down on the sofa, beside the radiator. He is a bit bigger than Simon though. Love the tiny glimpse of the red cardinal!

    1. Hi Nicolette, We had a nice deep snow and then it was warm-ish so the snow kept melting and running off the roof making the icicles bigger and bigger. It was pretty. We aren't usually very cold here, but sometimes the mountains give us a fun winter moment like that.


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