Monday, May 11, 2009

In the Vase

May flowers, brought on by all those April showers.
Lily of the Valley perfume the air as I write. Our Lily of the Valley do not last very long, they come up late, they die back early, the plants look scraggly and weedy almost the instant they finish blooming (okay, the weedy part is my fault) but I will always want them in my garden. The joy of these tiny white bell blossoms and the scent they carry... no shade garden could be complete without them. It might help to slip some Daylilies and ferns into the same bed so it looks better year round though. At least, that's my theory we'll see how it turns out.
Also blooming and gracing the flower vase, Ajuga, Phlox, Violet, White Bleeding Heart, Ornamental Strawberry (non-edible), and Bluebells.
May is very satisfactory, florally speaking. The Solomon's Seal and Water Perry are out, the Columbine are budded and blooming, and both the Broom and Native Azaleas are putting on shows as well. The few hot days we've had in combination with all the lovely rain is bringing out flowers that might usually wait until June like the Snow in Summer and the Iris.

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