Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Silent Spring

I don't have a clue about MySpace. And I don't Twitter either. I know my limits. To all my friends who encourage me to spend more hours networking on the computer, and buy a blackberry or an "i-something" I must apologize. I cherish you all, and your friendship means a lot to me. But I think the cacophony of following tweets and chats would drive me to distraction.

As a writer when I turn on my computer and face a blank screen, formulating a response to an email or polishing a piece of my day into a blog post does help ease me into "writing mode" and yet these things have a finish point. An end stop which forces me to move on to the work I really meant to do when I turned on the computer; SEND.... POST.... FINISHED.... DISCONNECT. Okay, now WRITE.

The process of writing is said to be a solitary one and those who are called to be writers, in order to work, tend towards isolation. I believe this extends to the internet also, at least for me. So, with many apologies, MySpace, for me, will stay only this room and this desk; the silence of technology will leave time for hearing the tweets of songbirds; and blackberries will continue, for me, to be the sort that grow on vines.

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