Saturday, July 25, 2009

Things I Learned Recently

Four year old boys can be entertained for about an hour by the game of running two feet and then throwing themselves at the ground repeatedly.

The cost of a Subway turkey sub plus tax equals $6.66. It does occur to me that taxes could be a manifestation of the spirit of the antichrist.

The false god Baal was a fertility god, and according to a program I heard on the car radio yesterday his consort was AshTART. Probably somehow related to Ishtar but where’s an OED when you need one? Does anyone out there know the etymology of the word “tart” offhand?

There are people with bumper stickers that say “Women for Obama – Vote for the Change.” Really. The Change… Women… voting for The Change… ummmm, yeah…
Then again: Mood swings, headaches, anxiety, depression, disturbing memory lapses…. That does start to sound like politics as usual, doesn't it.

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