Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Come As You Are Party

Every time the Christian radio station plays one of the many currently popular songs containing the phrase "Come as you are..." my mind goes almost instantly to Gidget. Let me explain.

Do you remember those movies? Do you remember the one part when Gidget and her friend discover that the gang from the beach is planning a come-as-you-are party? The premise is that no invitations are sent and the guest list, date, and time of the party are kept secret. Each girl on the invite list will be doing whatever she normally would do when suddenly the guys arrive and unexpectedly drag her off to a party.

Gidget's friend (what was her name?) gets a peek at the plans and discovers not only when it's to be, but that she and Gidget are on the invite list. Knowing that they are on the list the girls get new dresses, do their hair, primp and preen, and generally make ready for a party. They know they've been invited and they're going to be ready.

The guys, knowing their plans were discovered, change the time of the party to the next morning instead. Gidget gets surprised while packing up the car to go fishing with her dad. She has white zinc (sunblock) on her nose which the guys won't allow her to wipe off and her friend, who was sleeping-in, will be going to the party in a flannel gown and bathrobe.

The songs on the Christian radio stations say "come as you are" and that's exactly how it works. If you have sunblock on your nose or sin in your life Christ is asking you to come to Him just as you are. That's a message the world needs to hear.

There's another lesson here too though. Once we have accepted Christ and been saved by His mercy and grace we're in on the party plans. We have our invitations... Okay, we still don't know the exact date and time but we know -- for sure -- that we're invited to heaven. Are we getting our souls ready for that party? Are we fixing out hair and our habits? Are we wearing our best dresses and our best attitudes?

Will God find us ready for Him or will He find us sleeping-in?

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