Saturday, August 29, 2009

From the Garden

The aroma of rosemary hangs low to the earth as I step out my back door. Grey storm clouds press the herbs growing beside my back steps, releasing their scent in the lightly humid air.

We have had rain every afternoon this week, a brief thundershower and then it clears. Evenings are cool and pleasant with a light breeze playing among the pines and a small rabbit I have named Carrots nestling against the garden fence. Mornings have been brilliant and shining with puffy white cumulus clouds gathering in preparation for the flashing thunderstorms of afternoon.

These are August days like I remember from my childhood and I am nostalgic for orange creamsicles, daisy chains, and fresh tomato and butter sandwiches.

In my back garden the tomato plants left by the previous owner are falling to the ground under the weight of ripening fruits. I gather a harvest of cherry grape tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, “ugly ripe” beefsteak tomatoes, and Roma tomatoes. One tiny basil plant yields a few fresh leaves. From my freezer, an onion bagel (toasted on one side) will provide the “bread” for my sandwich and an organic yogurt spread plus a dash of salt stands in for the butter.

Thick slices of yellow tomato still warm from the heat of the day wilt the basil leaves even as I layer the top of the bagel onto my sandwich. Perfect.

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