Monday, February 22, 2010

Currently Quilting

I pulled this baby quilt out of storage to quilt for the new little one on its way. My grandmother and I, before her death, created many quilt tops together as a legacy from her to future grandbabies. This quilt was one of her favorites because of her Scottish love for all things thistle.

For those who want to know: The dark spiky and thistle-y print is "Camelot" from Hoffman. The light print is a Maywood Studios "Beautiful Backgrounds" with pale green dragonflies and grasses dancing across it. And the stems and leaves of the appliqued thistles are done with a varigated Sulkey rayon thread.

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  1. What a beautiful Quilt top,,, love the fabric & the colors... what a treasure for sure,, the story of your grandmother and you making Quilt tops for future family,, is so special... How loved that Quilt will be,, for yrs to come..



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