Thursday, June 25, 2015

Make It Do or Do Without It

"Make it do or do without it, these are the lessons that our old folks learned..." The old song reminds me. The hard life. The good old days. We forget their lessons. Frugality. Patience. Creativity. More frugality. The long hours working a little at a time, building grain of sand upon grain of sand... That built character but gave you little else to show for it, you think. Until you look back and see it takes each and every grain of sand to make the shoreline.

Oh! We are so forgetful and so fortunate at the same time. We neither reap nor sow. We toil not. We haven't got the time for that.

We think "Make it work." is just something Tim Gunn says to fashion designers. We don't look around our lives and make it work with what we have already. Well, most days we don't. We don't have to.

We skip the coffee in the cupboard and go to Starbucks. We ignore the bookshelf and complain there is "nothing" on t.v. We don't mend, we buy new. Everything is replaceable. Everything is disposable. Even people. Even planets.

Yes, we say we want to save the world. But we want to do it in some big grand way. Something showy and attention grabbing and easy, one magnificent huge gesture we can make once and be done.  The little things are anti-climatic.

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