Friday, October 31, 2008

All Saint's Eve

Tomorrow is the day our culture forgets to celebrate.
November First, All Saints Day.
The day of the hallowed and holy.

Would it be asking too much to forgo the celebration of evil and terror this year? Would it be impossible for our country, our neighborhood, our church, to not join in the pagan revelry of All Hallow's Eve? I am disappointed and shocked to hear members of my church referring to Halloween as their "favorite time of year." Not the autumn with it's leaves and bonfires, pumpkins and cider....

specifically Halloween:
With it's devils and demons, ghosts and witches.
With it's evil and sorcery and desperate bleakness of the soul.

specifically Halloween:
The night given over to darkness.
The frantic time of fears, greedy begging, and mean pranks.

specifically Halloween:
The Black Sabbath.
The opposite -- OPPOSITE !-- of everything a Christian should celebrate and rejoice in.

As Christians , if we want to take our children door to door in our neighborhood, any night of the year, shouldn't it be as witnesses to the glorious message of Christ and Salvation?I think it should. Why, then, do we offer them to the world as examples of a pagan faith instead?

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