Saturday, October 18, 2008

For the Five People Wondering If I Went Away Again

You don't want the long list of everything that's been happening here, and you most certainly don't want me to ramble on about it all. No really, trust me, it'd bore you silly. Suffice it to say I've been occupied. Oh, and I haven't abandoned the Sampler (Bird) Blocks -- I just haven't had time to work on them -- we'll get back to them, I promise.

I will share one of the things that's been keeping me so busy:

Those quilt tops I was asked to design -- they're to be original patterns for kits (for a local fabric store) and they need to take exactly six yards to make a full sized quilt top. Using 1 yard each from 6 different fabrics. So, I'm in math mode. Yardages, seam allowances, cutting sizes and finished sizes, selvage edges, math, math, math... my words want to come out in inches and decimal points.

Would you like a sneak peek at one of the designs I'm working on?
I'm working on a scrappy-style quilt top 70" x 80" called Thief in the Night.
Here is a section of it, in grayscale.

My computer graphic design skills leave something to be desired, but once I have the pattern roughed-out and calculated I can do up a sample from fabrics. I'd rather fiddle with pixels than cut into my fabric stash with no good reason.

So that's the stage I'm at now. I have three patterns drafted, calculated, and computer "sketched" so Monday I'll begin cutting and sewing the samples.

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